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Gaomi Tianjiali Labor Insurance Co., Ltd.Located in Baicheng Town, Gaomi City, the company specializes in producing all kinds of garden gloves, tool gloves, and labor protection gloves such as canvas gloves, dipped gloves, welding gloves, and flower leather gloves. Product variety variety, quality and cheap, welcome customers to visit us. The company also undertakes custom processing business. The company's business objectives: in order to do our best, we have been working hard. We are willing to join hands with old and new friends to help each other and develop together.……

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Labor protection supplies should be comfortable, safe and reliable

Labor protection supplies should be comfortable, safe and reliableThe scientific and rational allocation and use of labor protection supplies not only can reduce the economic losses caused by accidents, but also can improve the work efficiency of workers, ……


Working gloves and protective gloves Working gloves name

Gloves are protective articles used by people in daily life, in labor, in sports, in activities, in special operating environments, and in special work environments. They can protect hands from harm. Another kind of glove is the decoration and artistic fo ……


11/5000 Zhèngquè guǎnlǐ hǎo láobǎo fánghù yòngpǐn Correct management of labor protection products

Correct management of labor protection productsIn order to make personal protective equipment play its due role, Shun Hing Labor Insurance recommends that you strengthen the protection of protective equipment from the following four aspects: procurement o ……